The Portrait Exchange

Anthea Moys (ZA)

Fuelled by the desire to play with people from all walks of life and the belief that everyone can draw, The Portrait Exchange is inspired by ideas of exchange, structured playful interactions and games. The performance involves a portrait exchange between two willing participants who will sit across from each other for a period of time, follow the rules (or break them) and play.

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About Anthea Moys

Anthea Moys is a South African artist who works with play and performance. In 2008 she completed her Masters at the University of the Witwatersrand with a focus on play and performance in public space. In 2013 she won the Standard Bank Young Artist Award for Performance Art (inaugural) where she created her “Vs.” series, which embraced failure and reimagined winning as the act of learning itself. In April 2017 Anthea was the keynote speaker for CounterPlay festival in Denmark and more recently she was a resident artist and researcher at The Capital of Children as part of the LEGO Foundation in Billund. Most recently Anthea has won a studentship at Northumbria University in Newcastle to complete a 3-year practice-led PhD with a specific focus on sport, play and contemporary performance looking at the games people play in the global north vs the global south. Anthea lives, learns, works and plays (for the most part) in Johannesburg, South Africa.


16 Jun 2018


11:00 - 22:00




Anthea Moys


Anthea Moys
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