This year's Playful Arts Festival is free / gratis! So no ticket* needed.

A few of our projects have limited spots and work with sign ups. You can sign up (for free)  for these events at our festival desk at the Werkwarenhuis.  Have a look at our schedule!
*There are a few ticketed events. You can find these below.

Ticketed Events:


Staged Encounters - A masterclass by Vera Tussing

15 June: 11AM-1:30PM

Get Tickets (€28)


Public Play - A Masterclass by Holly Gramazio

15 June: 12PM-2PM

Get Tickets (€28)


(t)Here & Now - with Rieke Vos, Aurélie d'Incau, James Truijillo.

15 June: 4PM-6.30PM

Get Tickets (€19)

Club Night

Club Night Fantastico with Jip Discodip, Iris Rijskamp, Mascaretti

15 June: 10PM - 03:30AM

Tickets at the door (€5)

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