Gedankenlesung (Mindreading)

Alex Sulz (AT)

Nobody knows our darkest thoughts and secrets and honestly, quite often that’s for the best. But what if you turn one of those ideas into a scenario and let strangers around you hear and experience it, without making yourself known? What would you let people do? Eventually, players go out and find the owner of the scenario they played and players change roles.


Niemand kent onze meest duistere gedachten en geheimen en, eerlijk is eerlijk, meestal is dat ook maar het beste. Maar stel nou, dat één van die grappige en verwarrende gedachten een scenario wordt, dat je laat uitvoeren door onbekenden, zonder jezelf bekend te maken. Wat zou je hen dan laten doen? De spelers gaan op zoek naar de bedenker van hun scenario en wisselen vervolgens van rol.


About Alexander Sulz

At day he programs stuff for the web, but after he exits the office, his heart is beating solely for the topic of games. Dreaming of making videogames one day in his early years, where he at a particular turning point in his life converted into making urban games instead. Being near people, creating and sharing experiences, all in context of the possibilities of an ever-changing and evolving city landscape, is now a very fulfilling part of his existence, thanks to the wonderful people of Play:Vienna, which he can proudly call himself a part of nowadays.


15 Jun 2018 - 16 Jun 2018


11:00 - 22:00




Alex Sulz


Alex Sulz

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