Random Magic

Jakob la Cour (DK)

Random Magic is a performance set to happen in public within and around a framed play-space. Perceived meaning arises from playful acts as participants have an exclusive encounter with the Danish interaction artist Jakob la Cour. Random Magic is playful acts that embody modern mysticism.

In search of a contemporary mythology performance artist Jakob la Cour creates participatory site-specific physical performances in public environments. A happening where the mystical unconscious layers of reality are set in play to give grounds for surprises to materialize. Enter at your own risk.

Also join Jakob on Saturday for In Conversation With…Jakob la Cour.


Op zoek naar een hedendaagse mythologie creëert Jakob la Cour openbare toegankelijke en fysieke performances in de publieke ruimte. Een ervaring waarin de mystieke, onderbewuste lagen van de werkelijkheid inzet van een spel worden en er ruimte ontstaat voor verrassingen.
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About Jakob la Cour
Jakob la Cour (b. 1982, Copenhagen, Denmark) independent interaction artist at Studio la Cour (est. 2005). With a Master’s Degree in Game and Interaction Design (2011) from The Royal Danish Academy of Art in Design. He is specialized in interactive experiences and works with a mix of performing arts, play and new technology often targeting adventurous thrill-seekers. Jakob is currently focusing on the mystery of being. Devoting his time to explore the intersection between sensuous play, art and mysticism. Furthermore working on a theater piece with virtual reality premiering in september 2018.



15 Jun 2018


15:00 - 18:00




Werkwarenhuis Lane
Jakob la Cour


Jakob la Cour
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